Screening Room: 3

Date/Time: Saturday @ 6:30PM

Renonda Anderson has been a makeup and FX artist for almost 10 years. Born in Atlanta, she has always had an eye for color and detail. Growing up she wanted to be an artist or a doctor and studied both fields with a passion. That passion and knowledge provided her with the skills necessary to become a professional makeup and FX artist. Whether her work takes her on location for a horror film or a love story, she demonstrates her talent to create realistic FX and flawless style. She has worked on well over 100 films, photo shoots, commercials, and videos. Some of those credits include Dance of the Dead, Abraham Lincoln Vs Zombies, and Desires of the Heart. Her eye for detail and her professionalism has earned her quite a few producer credits as well. Her first job was as a law librarian for Dekalb County. Reading law books and helping with legal forms has proven very valuable when wording release forms and contracts. Her personable nature has provided her with a lot of contacts and she has worked with thousands of people with whom she still keeps in touch. She is very driven and has an extreme passion for film that has thrust her career to a place she never dreamed possible.
Some of the films to be included in this Retrospective: the feature Dance of the Dead & “Dante the Great” segment from VHS/VIRAL.


Screening Room: 1

Date/Time: Saturday @ 2:00PM

Marietta twins Matthew and Jared Young have been pushing the boundaries of filmmaking since 2007, with the founding of their production company Brothers Young Productions. The Brothers Young continually reach beyond the ordinary to generate inventive storytelling and cinematic excellence.

Their original multi-media franchise, The Fantastic World, includes live-action and animated children’s programming packed with original music and wonderfully eccentric characters.  Matthew and Jared have since expanded their creative talents and abilities beyond children’s programming to explore a wide range of diverse genres.  From the low-browed adult humor intrinsically woven through Galactic Perry’s Learning Starship to the post-apocalyptic drama of their sci-fi series Remnant, they consistently capture both the hearts and minds of their audience by taking a single idea and molding it into a whimsical world of fantastic possibilities. Collaborating with seasoned actors such as Tom Sizemore, Burt Reynolds, and Mo’Nique Hicks every BroYoPro production comprises the necessary elements to deliver a concept from script to screen.

Matthew and Jared Young’s imaginative productions are brought to life through their visionary producing, distinctive art design, remarkable writing and an overall love for filmmaking. Creative limitations are simply nonexistent for the twins, who strive to produce with individuality and passion as unique as the brothers themselves.

Some of the films to be included in this Retrospective: “The Boy & the Bard” & “Remnant: Brutal from Birth” & “Untapped: A Poem by Ashlee Haze” & Fantastic World” & “Sensitive Charles.”  Q&A to following screening.

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July 31-Aug 2, 2015

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