Best Actress: Short Film

*Jessica Richards, Or So He Thought           *Lindsey Moser,  Dirty Nails

*ShirinBina, Motherly              *Alenka Bonnard, Claire

*Sarah Cunningham & Victoria  Sullivan, Basted           *Sally Kirkland, Posey

winner: Lindsey Moser, Dirty Nails    

Best Actor: Short Film

*Mike Fierro,  Or So He Thought            *Luthuli Dlamibi, As it Used to Be
*Charles Haid & John Magaro, One Armed Man
*Mike Wiley, Money 1955: The Emmett Till Murder Trial
*Zak Lee, Rose, Mary and Mine                *Ben & Sam Sasaki, Zugzwang

wINNER: Mike Wiley, MONEY 1955:     
Emmett Till Murder Trial   


Best Director:
Student Short Film

*Ian Scott McCollough, NestingGrounds              *Rob Levy, Rivers
*Crystal Us, Strings                *Pablo Nicolas Raganato, The Violinist
*lex Italics, Sheltered Love

wINNER: Sheltered Love,                  
By Alex Italics    


Best Director: Fiction Short

*Tim GuineeOne Armed Ma              *LenditaZeqirajBallkoni(aka Balcony)
**Yolanda Centeno, Zugzwang                      *Mark Datuin, Basted
*Clement Gonzalez, As it Used to Be            *Rob Underhill,  Bragg N East

Winner: LenditaZeqiraj,                   

Best Director:
Non-Fiction Short Film

*Matthew VanDyke, Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution
*Carlisle Kellam, A Slice of Life: Mr. Snulligan
*William F. Reed, Man in the Booth

wINNER: Man in the Booth,            
Directed By
William F. Reed  

Best Student Short Film

*Sheltered Love           *Rivers                 *Strings

*The Doorman                   *The Violinist

wINNER: Sheltered Love,                     
Produced By
Alex Italics and                    
Co-Produced By
Stephen Purcell                   

Best Short Film: Fiction

*One Armed Man              *Posey                 *Motherly

*Rose, Mary and Time             *Zugzwang              *Circling

wINNER: Zugzwang, Produced By      
Bettina Mayr & Yolanda Centeno   

Best Short Film: Non-Fiction

  *A Slice of Life:Mr. Snulligan                   *Main in the Booth

*The Packinghouse

wINNER: A Slice of Life: Mr. Snulligan      
Carlisle Kellam     

Best Director: Music Video

“Life on Earth” by Marine Dorfman

“Dark Comedy” by Royce Mann & Dewayne Bontrager

“Life and Perception” by Andre Stamatakakos

wINNER:“Dark Comedy” by Royce Mann& Dewayne Bontrager

Best Music Video

"Dark Comedy” by Royce Mann & Dewayne Bontrager

“Life and Perceptionby Andre Stamatakakos

“Life on Earthby Marine Dorfman

wINNER:“Dark Comedy" byRoyce Mann & Dewayne Bontrager

Best Actress: Feature Film
*NoureenDewulf, Coffee, Kill Boss        *Scarlett Mack, Blackbird
*ZibbyAllen, Coffee, Kill Boss          *AletheaSholomenko, Lack of Cockery

wINNER: NoureenDewulf,                 
, Kill Boss                  


Best Actor: Feature Film

*Nicolas Brendon, The Morningside Monster     *Eddie Jemison, Coffee, Kill Boss
*Josh Mitchell, Lack of Cockery         *Stanislav Ryadinskiy, Pechorin
*Andrew Rothney, Blackbird

wINNER: Eddie Jemison, Coffee, Kill Boss

Best Director:
Non-Fiction Feature

*Keri Pickett , The Fabulous Ice Age
*Gregory Tomlin, The Man Left Behind

  *Alice & Lincoln Day,Scarred Lands & Wounded Lives The Environmental
Footprint of War

Keri Pickett,                           
Fabulous Ice Age                            

Best Director:  Fiction Feature

*Jamie Chambers, Blackbird           *Nathan Marshall, Coffee, Kill Boss
*Khrushch Roman, Pechorin        *Rob Underhill, Fever Dreams: The Movie
*Josh Mitchell, Lack of Cockery

wINNER:Nathan Marshall,                  

Coffee, Kill Boss                   

Best Non-Fiction
Feature Film

*George Tice: Seeing Beyond The Moment

*The Fabulous Ice Age

*The Man Left Behind

wINNER: The Fabulous Ice Age           

Produced By Keri Pickett           

Best Fiction Feature Film

*Blackbird                 *Lack of Cockery

*The Morningside Monster           *Coffee, Kill Boss,


Winner:Coffee, Kill Boss                        

Produced by Scott Van Dutton,                  
Robert Mello, &
Gregor Habsburg


July 31-Aug 2, 2015

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